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Do you need a new architectural project, want to upgrade the look of your gas station or expand your convenience store? Don’t waste any more time! Discover what we can do for you!

Petrol Arquitetura

The architectural project of a petrol station, whether it is a new construction or a reform, must be planned for the future. We work anticipating solutions in three stages: the preliminary study of the site, the preliminary design of your post and the executive plan.

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Petrol Design

Each company has a unique journey. We create a design in traditional, modern or futuristic style depending on the history and profile of the client. We position your brand to add value to your business at a cost that fits your pocket.

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Petrol Visual

Petrol Visual is a pioneer in visual communication for petrol stations. We have an experienced team that will execute your project with total fidelity. We guarantee the quality and longevity of our work.

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Petrol Conveniência

The convenience store is the point of greatest direct contact with people at the gas station. A well-structured and pleasant store acts as a calling card. Petrol Convenience’s specialty is designing functional and organized spaces that influence customer behavior.

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Distinctive Solutions

Customized solutions, built to last, with the best value for money on the market!


Every project has its challenges, our team goes in search of the solution. We listen to the needs of each client and commit all our experience and team to guide an investment with the best cost-benefit ratio. We are what you are looking for to make the smartest choices.


The gas station design needs to be functional. The architecture must conform to a series of norms that our team of architects are very familiar to. Thinking about all of this with practicality and assured flexibility for changes is what we do best!


Imagine being able to visualize your piece before you even start? The design needs to grab attention, make a statement and fit within the budget. The project comes to life in three dimensions. It is like opening a window to the future.


The best result in structure and finish with highly durable materials. Our team selects the most appropriate materials and carries out the manufacturing and installation processes to deliver 110% of what was contracted.

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Come and see how the Petrol Group delivers! We have been completed and inspired by those who have already invested with us! Ah, you can call this album “the cherry on the cake”, okay? Because we are passionate about our clients’ success!

Checkout Dallas - TX / USA

Rede Avalon - Itajuba / MG

Líder Chain - Itabuna / BA

Vera Cruz Gas Station – Vera Cruz / SP - Brazil

Rodare Gas Station - Coromandel / MG - Brazil

Cardozo Petrol Station - Parobé/RS - Brazil


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